Urban & Regional Planning

With the rapid expansion and unprecedented growth of our modern day cities, urban and regional planning has become an essential tool for dealing with the challenges of managing the built and natural environment. At El-bukelz Nigeria Limited the Urban Planning Department aims to ensure a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach while advocating the active participation of key stakeholders.

Each project objective reflects the client’s needs while taking into consideration the environmental and socio-economic impacts on the particular urban context. In establishing viable planning and design strategies and solutions, El-bukelz Nigeria Limited works towards sustainable development at national, regional and local levels.

El-bukelz Nigeria Limited Urban Planning Services Includes:

  • Regional city master planning.
  • Urban planning and regeneration.
  • Social facility planning.
  • Urban design of mixed use development.
  • Landscaping and Ecosystem management.
  • Urban institutional strengthening and management capacity building.

Our solutions aim at enhancing the urban fabric in order to effectively utilize land and maximize site potential, while respecting existing structures and socio-cultural issues. Drawing on our understanding of market forces and recognizing the diversity inherent within communities, we strive to uphold the public interest in each of our projects.