In our era, Transportation Systems are keys to the ever-growing need for contact between people, communities, regions and countries and for the movement of commodities as part of national and global economies. Transportation has become an indispensable part of any economy and, hence, is a core specialty at El-bukelz Nigeria Limited, an upcoming expert of high speed transportation engineering in Nigeria. At El-bukelz Nigeria Limited, the transportation department designs and manages projects from the rehabilitation and maintenance of roadways to the complete design of airfield systems including railway projects.

El-bukelz scope of services covers:

  • Traffic Engineering: Traffic System Management, Traffic System Monitoring, Traffic Operations, Traffic Control, Intelligent Transport Systems, Traffic Forecasting and Analysis and Data Collection.
  • Transportation Planning: Transportation Planning Models, Strategic Urban Planning Studies, Traffic Impact Studies, Economic Feasibility Studies and Public Transport
  • Highway Engineering: Feasibility Studies, Geometric Design, Interchanges, Bridges and Tunnels, Parking Facilities and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Railway Engineering: Railway Track and Drainage Design, Railway Superstructure Design, Light Rail Transit Design and Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Airport Engineering: Airport Planning, Airport Configuration and Airside Capacity, Geometric Design of Airfield, Planning and Design of Terminal Areas, Structural Design of Airport Pavements, Airport Lighting, Marking and Signage.
  • Port Engineering: Ports Master Planning, Ports Feasibility Study and Marine Structures Design.