El-bukelz Nigeria Limited meets the rising expectations for faster, better and more access to Internet services, the widespread implementation of convergent triple play system, the predominance of virtual private network, the liberalization of the communication sector, and the challenging implementation of service communications technology with its cutting edge features. Telecommunication is now central to most public and private projects and for this reason, the Telecommunications specialty has been given the attention it deserves as a distinctive, independent section at El-bukelz Nigeria Limited

Our main advantage stems from our technology leadership in major industries: oil/gas, utilities and public works. In addition to basic services such as strategic planning, integrated solutions, system engineering and network architecture, our engineers focus on performance optimization, network resilience and disaster recovery, thereby offering comprehensive solutions.

Our Telecommunications Specialty encompasses:

  • In building systems
  • Voice Switching: PABX, Local and Transit Central offices, 
  • Next Generation Switching Networks
  • Fiber Transmission: Backbone and FTTx Technologies 
  • Multiplexing Systems-Microwaves Transmission 
  • Voice Data and video
  • Satellite Transmission Voice, Data and Video
  • Two way and trucking Radio Network (TETRA)
  • Cellular Networks (GSM,CDMA,etc)
  • Wireless data (WiFi and WIMAX)- Telecom traffic management
  • Telecom Facility Management
  • SCADA and Telemetry Networks
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure