Electrical Utilites

In today’s world, building owners and designers are expected to meet the ever-escalating, high quality power demands of advanced telecom and high technology which are part and parcel of the challenging complexity of modern projects. Consequently, our electrical engineers work diligently to offer services capable of accommodating these demands while taking a proactive approach that will keep our electrical solutions viable for the years to come.

El-bukelz Nigeria Limited offers specialized services in the following: Lighting: Indoor/ Flood Lighting/ Landscape/ Road/ Tunnel Building: MV/LV, Power Distribution, Protection and Safety-Low Current Systems: Security, Alarm, Audio-visual Conveying Systems: Elevators, Escalators, Moving Ramps-Buildings Automation System- Power Infrastructure: Transmission, Distribution, Substation Utility Management: SCADA, Energy Management, Distribution Management, Planning and Reinforcement, Energy Audit Digital Utilities Solutions: AMR, Outage Management System, Facility Management, Database Management/ Maintenance, Application Software